Mozzarella di bufala campana DOP - prodotto nudo

The Mozzarella

The Pdo Campana Buffalo Mozzarella is a fresh soft stretched-curd cheese made entirely from buffalo milk.

Mozzarella is easy to recognize thanks to its one-of-a-kind consistency, its pearly white colour, its smooth surface, which like a very thin “crust” encloses the deliciously soft inside. This outer part only separates easily from the inside part when the mozzarella is of top quality. 

When cut, real mozzarella can be recognized because of the drops of serum which run out. This has a milky appearance and all the fragrance of milk enzymes, giving the cheese an unmistakable aroma.

The freshness of the cheese can be determined by its elasticity and firmness in the mouth. During the first 12 hours after production, the mozzarella is slightly elastic, and only softens as time passes. 

Buffalo mozzarella is easy to digest and contains low quantities of lactose and cholesterol. It is an excellent source of proteins and has a moderate fat content. 

It contains large quantities of phosphorus and calcium, water-soluble vitamins like B1, B2, B6, niacin and also zinc

Thanks to its nutritional properties, it is associated with the Mediterranean diet, a UNESCO Intangible Heritage.