The Milk

The milk is controlled and analysed daily by an in-house laboratory which promptly evaluates its suitability for processing. 10 different analytical parameters are checked on site. These permit determining the quality of the raw material. A certified laboratory, on the other hand, performs more in-depth tests and checks over 50 different analytical parameters every month according to a careful and detailed self-monitoring plan.

  • buffalo milk has a sweet flavour and a matt white colour due to the absence of carotenoids.
  • buffalo milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus;
  • buffalo milk is low in sugars and carbohydrates and is therefore easier to digest than cow’s milk;
  • thanks to the presence of lactobacilli buffalo milk could well be defined “probiotic”;
  • buffalo milk is naturally fortified;

The institutions charged with supervising our processing operations and work are:

  • Local Health Units
  • CFS – State Forestry Corps
  • Mipaaf
  • DQA
  • Protection Consortium
  • NAS
  • NAC